Dr. Marilyn F. Minrath, a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, and Dr. Andy Thomson, a Board Certified Psychiatrist, have been collaborating on forensic evaluations since 1992.

Having been trained at the University of Virginia Institute of Law, Psychiatry and Public Policy in the team approach to forensic work, we have maintained this model in our private forensic practice. By using our combined skills as a psychiatrist and clinical psychologist as well as our medical training we conduct a scientifically based, comprehensive evaluation.

In this forensic psychology model we collect data through several methods. Our evaluations include in-depth clinical interviews and psychological testing. We conduct an extensive record review of all legal, medical, psychiatric and other relevant documents such as email communications. Depending on the nature of the evaluation and the specific referral question, collateral sources of information include telephone interviews with family members, mental health professionals, primary care physicians, employers, relatives and court appointed guardian ad litems who may provide us with additional information.

Our reports are co-authored and document the data on which the conclusions are based. Both Dr. Thomson and Dr. Minrath have qualified as expert witnesses in Circuit Courts and Juvenile and Domestic Relations Courts throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia.